kosher catering in israel - for all occasion and simhas

Founded in 1989, Gold Catering specializes in providing professional catering services to upscale events across the country, in homes, in institutions, in banquet halls and even in open natural spaces.

Gold Catering provides services to all types of events – weddings, bar mitzvahs, brits, Shabbat Hatan, sandwiches and meals for trips and at memorial services.

There is a special department for conferences, studios and service provision institutions that are tailored to meet the needs of those audiences. The department offers a diverse, rich and tasty selection of menus that includes appetizers, main course and side dish, and desserts.

Gold Catering services is the complete solution for customers who are worried about the smallest details. The company provides the waiters, dishes, tables, chairs, utensils, and, of course, the fabulous meals that includes indulgent desserts.

Ready to eat food can be ordered for Shabbat and holidays – in any quantity.
kosher catering in israel

Catering for Trips - bar mitzva and other occasions

Gold Catering offers a diverse meat menu, providing a perfect solution for trips.

The catering provides food for school trips and other trips – from sandwiches to complete breakfasts, lunch and dinner.

In addition, Gold Catering provides catering services to events in the field, and not just in enclosed sites.

Kosher certified by Rabbi Landau – Presiding Rabbi Glatt Kosher Bnei Barak with a kashrut inspector on site.
Address: 16 Giboray Yisrael Street, Bnei Barak
Telephone: 050-5425279, 052-6425279
Fax: 03-5321672